PS3Mobi Download Page

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before downloading PS3Mobi application.

- You are not allowed to sell copies of the PS3Mobi emulator, nor distribute its action on public places.
This program should be used for personal purpose only, because PS3 BIOS is property of Sony Corporation and it's included inside PS3Mobi download bundle. This is not a case with other similar emulators, where you need to download BIOS file separately from the web.

- Modifying emulator' core files and function is not allowed without our prior permission.
To avoid this as misunderstanding, you are allowed to change its settings for gaming and visual/ sound performance. But you are not allowed to act like a programmer and open the main PS3Mobi executable file with third party software like C++ software to manipulate with its core strings and codes.
If you're interested in making PS3Mobi better and have some coding skills and enthusiasm to help, feel free to join our developers team. Contact us :)

Please keep in mind that the old version v.1.1.0. is no longer supported and all updates have been closed.
Get newest version of this PS3 emulator by clicking the download button.