About PS3Mobi

The PlayStation 3 is one of the greatest consoles of the 6th Generation of gaming. Unlike his early brother, Sony managed to lock the console with a Blu-Ray player and constant software updates that kept the system free of piracy. It was probably the best move by the corporation given the fact that their heavy Hitter from the previous generation lost a lot of revenue due to copied games. A lot has changed since then. The PS4 has become the household name for the company, and all their efforts are centered on making that console their top product. While the PS3 has not been forgotten, they certainly don’t pay much attention to it anymore.

The original PS3 has one of the greatest libraries of games ever conceived in a 3D environment, the console opened a new trend of the market that blossomed, backed with technology that was considered state of the art for gaming for one of the longest runs ever. Many people around the world still play their PS3 games, and now people who missed the ride or lost their console to excessive use can play again with PS3Mobi. The app was created as an emulator for Android & iOS devices, but now it works as a desktop utility capable of running the old classics of the PS3 as well as the latest releases.

Don’t miss out on this! It’s easy to install and even more to run on your devices. Keep your collection alive and go for games you might have missed with the extensive catalog of ISO files available in our database.